Solar Electric Arrays

     Now is the time to take advantage of renewable energy resources. New technologyand the Local , State and Federal incentives now make it less expensive then ever before.

There are many things that set us apart from other firms in the industry,  RH Innovation takes the time to consult with you on the affordability of these systems and the huge incentives that are available. After our on-sight consultation, RH Innovation will design a personalized system using the latest in micro-inverter and PV panels to give you the most efficient, greatest output and quickest payback for your money.

Federal solar tax credit:

Legislation extending the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) was signed into law on December 18th, 2015. The bill extends the 30% Solar Investment Tax Credits for both residential and commercial projects through the end of 2019, and then drops the credit to 26% in 2020, and 22% in 2021 before dropping permanently to 10% for commercial projects and 0% for residential projects. In addition, the bill included language allowing owners who commence construction on their projects before the end of 2021 to claim the larger credit once their project is placed in service, as long as that project is placed in service before the end of 2023.

See a LIVEview of running Solar Panel systems.

RH Innovation Test System Click Here

M-250 LG -300 all Tilted 25 deg. south west face

M-250 LG-300 all flat west 

M-250 LG-300 8 then M-250 LG-280 flat west face

M-215 all 

System 3

System 3

System 2

System 2

What we do

Today, it’s easy to go solar with RH Innovation. We want to help you reduce your electricity costs while making a difference for the environment and our community.  We can evaluate your potential solar savings for you. Request a free site evaluation or call 631-943-1632.  We will contact you via phone or email to assess your home for solar based on.

  • Your available roof or ground space
  • Your electric usage and bills

We will contact you to conduct a home visit and financial analysis  We will handle aspects of the solar installation, including permitting, incentive applications, installation, testing and utility interconnection


Once live, we will follow-up with you routinely to ensure your system is fully operational and meeting your expectations