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•              Must be a commercial electric customer located in LIPA service territory

•              LIPA rebates are valid only for new grid-connected PV systems

•              $1.30* per watt up to 50 kWdc with a maximum of $65,000 *

•              Commercial entities are eligible to be pre-approved for up to 50kWdc (per 12 month period). Multiple applications will be accepted, but the combined kWdc shall not exceed 50 kWdc.

•              For any specific account number the maximum lifetime rebate monies eligibility is 50 kWdc.

•              Rebates are on a first-come, first-serve basis pending application pre-approval by LIPA

** The Maximum Rebate paid by LIPA per metered account will not exceed 50 kWdc or 50% of the installed costs, whichever is less.

Federal Tax Incentive

•              30% Commercial Solar Investment Tax Credit through December 31, 2016

•              No cap on credit for qualified solar electric property installations installed after 12/31/08

•              Five (5) year Accelerated Depreciation schedule