How You Save :

Currently, solar panels are a viable alternative energy source, both environmentally and economically. Solar has changed over the last 40 years and great steps forward in panels and inverter construction. RH Innovation Inc uses the latest technology to bring you the quickest payback for your money.

Grid-tie systems allow you to put up solar panels, and feed excess power back into the power grid. This isn’t an act of charity on your part. Utilities are required to credit you for the power you put into the system witch is called net-metering. Another advantage of staying connected to the grid is that you won’t have to have an elaborate in-home battery system to store energy for nights and cloudy days. You can draw on grid power during those times, and the power will be subtracted from the amount you put into the system.

Economic Benefits for You

· Save on electricity costs You can cut or virtually eliminate your electric bill. With the excess solar power, you can actually run your electric meter backwards and save!

· Systems can pay for themselves and provide attractive returns with energy and tax savings. With system financing, up front costs are minimized or eliminated and, frequently, the monthly loan payments are less than your energy and tax savings. The best part is when the loan is paid you continue to enjoy free electricity. Enjoy attractive returns on your investment.

· Freedom from increasing electricity rates

Environmental Benefits

· A typical 5 KW system eliminates more than 6 tons of CO2 emissions annually. This is the same as planting more than 2.5 acres of trees or cutting your weekly gas consumption by 25 gallons.

· Freedom from foreign energy dependency

RH Innovation Inc can help provide you with access to financing through local lenders.

Please give us a call and we would be happy to provide you with a free survey of your home and energy efficiency tips. We will be able to give you an accurate cost estimate for your home and remember,

you need to pay for the energy either way , why not be able to stop paying for it after you pay off your solar system.

System prices vary and are unique to each customers home. For example, is there multiple areas that the solar panels have to be mounted on versus just one large roof or are there any special electrical conditions that need to be addressed before the system can be connected to LIPA. Taking that into consideration, here are several examples using an AVERAGE install price. Your job price could be different.

10KW (10,120watts) system

Installation Cost $5.60 per watt 10,120 watts x $5.60 = 56,672
LIPA Rebate $1.75 per watt 10,120 watts x $1.75 = - 17,710
NY. State Tax Credit 25% (Capped at $5,000) = - 5,000
Federal Tax Credit 30% of Net = - 11,688 

Your Net Cost = $22,274
Loan of $22,274.00 is $325.39/ per month for 7yrs at 6% interest

5KW (5,060 watts) system

Installation Cost $5.60 per watt 5060 watts x $5.60 = 28,336
LIPA Rebate $1.75 per watt 5060 watts x $1.75 = - 8,855
NY. State Tax Credit 25% (Capped at $5,000) = -5,000
Federal Tax Credit 30% of Net = - 5,844.30

Your Net Cost = $8,636.70
Loan of $8,636.70 is $126.16/ per month for 7yrs at 6% interest