We can review your needs for HVAC and recmend a control with the latest in thermostat technology. Below are a couple of examples of the units we can provide .


The first thing you’ll notice about our next generation Nest thermostat is its refined design. The new Nest is 20% thinner than the original and encased by a premium solid stainless steel ring that clearly reflects the wall colors around it. Even Nest’s display is more streamlined - the sensor grille on the bottom of the original Nest has been replaced by a smooth lens.

We've worked hard to make the new Nest fit more beautifully with your home, but the most dramatic change to the Nest thermostat comes when you remove the display.


Environ is a smart thermostat device that integrates with the Enphase Enlighten website, allowing owners to simultaneously manage their heating and cooling system along with their solar system, through a single web-based platform.

How it works

Environ wirelessly connects to the Envoy Communications Gateway using the ZigBee communications protocol. The Envoy then connects Environ to the internet, allowing it to transmit and receive control information from the Enlighten website.


Heating and cooling typically account for more than 50% of home energy use, adding up to thousands of dollars every year. Environ makes it easy to take control of your energy usage with web-based thermostat controls.


  • Works with nearly all residential HVAC systems
  • Web-based & mobile control capabilities
  • Easy online programming
  • Large LCD touch-screen display
  • Displays performance of solar array